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The Draft Analyzer is dramatically improved for Fantasy Football 2013 and now includes many great new Fantasy Tools for Drafts, Auctions and SalaryCap Games including options for Full Season and new Daily/Weekly Leagues!

New FantasyTools DFS Beta Site

We are rapidly adding tools, rankings and advice focused on Daily/Weekly Fantasy Sports. Feel free to take a sneak peek here:

Products for Full Season and Daily Fantasy Sports


The Draft Analyzer provides you with personalized draft pick advice updated after every draft pick of your fantasy draft. Check out the new Optimize Roster feature.

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The Auction Analyzer provides you with customizable player dollar values updated throughout your fantasy auction. Now Live!

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The Salary Cap Analyzer provides you with the exact set of players that maximizes fantasy points given player salaries and the salary cap.

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The Line-up Analyzer provides in-season advise to help you properly set your line-up and pick up the best free agents that are available in your league.

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CBSSports.com Developer Challenge


The Draft Analyzer App in the CBSSports App Central took home the Grand Prize and $60,000 cash as the best App in the new CBSSports Fantasy App Central Store.

Best Fantasy Tool 2011 & 2012


The Draft Analyzer and Line-up Analyzer earned top honors in the FSTA Industry Recognition Awards for Best Fantasy Tool of 2011 and 2012

Best Draft Tool 2005, 2007 & 2009


The Draft Analyzer won the FSTA Industry Recognition Award for Best Draft Assistance Tool in 2005, 2007 and 2009.

Key Features

Your Optimized Roster

View your statistically optimized roster every step of the way. Even before the draft starts, our new Optimized Roster feature will let you know when to draft your stud RB, QB, WR or TE (Spoiler Alert: Wait on QBs this year).

I want to be strong in RB and WR for 2013, so I want to target a QB in the 4th/5th and wait on a TE until after the 10th. The Optimized Roster builds my team for me so I can finish first in my league...again!

Bob (Customer since 2011)

Target Positions by Round

Target or avoid one or more positions in any round and your Optimized Roster will be built around your exact draft preferences.

Draft Board

The re-designed web-based Draft Analyzer has all the information you need at your fingertips.

Intuitive, Easy and Fast

The Draft Board has an intuitive layout with easy to learn features. Most importantly, everything updates in a split second after each draft pick.

Player Details

With a single click, view all the draft day info you need for over 500 key players.

The Full Story

The key draft day player stats provide you with the data you need to make the final decision between those 2-3 players with similar projected fantasy points.

FantasyTools Dashboard

The Dashboard enables you to easily select between the multiple fantasy tools included such as the Draft Analyzer, Auction Analyzer, SalaryCap Analyzer, and Custom Rankings.

Making Your Life Easy

Access all FantasyTools Apps, switch between multiple leagues, create new leagues for all sports and get help all from within the new Dashboard.

Screen Shots

  • Player Details

    All key draft day info just a click away.

  • Optimized Roster

    Statistically optimizes every draft pick in every round.

  • NFL Depth Charts

    Key info for finding back-ups for your top players.

  • Player Tiers by Position

    Color coded to visually identify drops in player values.

  • Team Rosters

    View your team roster by position.

  • Projected Standings

    View the top teams overall and by position.

  • Top 200+ Ranks

    Standard overall rankings based on Ave. Draft Position.

  • Top Recommended Players

    Configure the recommendation engine to fit your draft strategy.


How do I get started?

1 Register for free: This allows you to create and customize leagues to test before you buy. You can even view all of our apps before registering.

2 Enter League Settings: Import your league settings (scoring rules, roster requirements, team names, draft order, keepers) from ESPN, MyFantasyLeague or RTSports or manually enter your league settings.

3 Buy a License: After you see all the awesome functionality of our apps, purchase a license starting at $19.99 to $59.99.

What are Daily/Weekly Games?

If you have never played in a daily/weekly fantasy football game, you are missing out on a lot of fun during the season. Daily games have similar scoring rules to full season leagues but winners and losers are determined every week of the NFL season.

Most daily games use a SalaryCap format and allow you to play against a friend, a stranger or a large group. Our brand new SalaryCap Analyzer is the best tool around to help you figure out the most optimal team each week.

What's New for 2013

The Draft Analyzer is dramatically improved for Fantasy Football 2013 and now includes many great new Fantasy Tools for Drafts, Auctions and SalaryCap Games including options for Full Season and new Daily/Weekly Leagues!

You can practice unlimited number of mock drafts, customize your player rankings and much more.